Working Hard Allows Me to Help My Mom

I lived near the Singapore New Futura Condo building for many years. I was stuck in a long lease with the last place that I lived, so while I admired the New Futura, I had not gone in previously to check the place out. Six months before my previous lease ended, I began my new home search. One of the first buildings I went to see was the building that I had admired for years. I loved how nice the place looks. It’s very modern, clean and everything about it was very pleasing. I ended up buying a place quickly there.

I love coming home from work after a really hard day at work and relaxing in my new condo. I have a job that forces me to travel a lot. The job is not easy. I have to work at trying to secure new clients all of the time. If I think that I’m about to lose a client, I have to do all that I can to try to reighn them back in. My company frowns on employees who lose business. I pride myself on being the top performer in my department, and the level of pay that I receive really reflects my hard work.

My mom has had a tough time on her own for a long time. So, I bought a 2 bedroom unit so that she can live with me. She is retired now, and lives on a fixed income. She has said that she will keep the place clean and do light cooking for me. This will really help me out because I don’t have to deal with those things at home anymore. I can focus on work and bringing in more money. This will serve both of us really well in the coming years.