The Apartment I Found Makes Me Happy Every Day

I love reality shows, and I really like the real estate reality show. One particular one that I like to watch is about people who moved to different countries so that they can find a home on the beach to live in. They often do this because home prices are cheaper in other countries. But I find it far more preferable to live in apartment because it is far less expensive. That show spurred me to look at apartments for rent in Miami Beach for a new place to settle into. I did find a place, and it has been heaven to live there each day. I don’t think I will ever go back to living far from the beach ever again.

I chose a place that has a swimming pool even though it’s right on the beach. Sometimes I get home from work late at night, and I would rather not be out in the ocean alone but I can still come home and get in a nice swim in the swimming pool down on the ground floor at that time. There are also times that I would like to just run downstairs as soon as I wake to sit by the pool and read without needing to grab a lawn chair, beach umbrella, and all the other things that I typically need to take to the beach.

I have a view of the ocean that is to die for. Everyone that comes over to visit me season as soon as they walk into my living room and they make audible gas. Everyone tells me how jealous they are of my view! I know exactly what they are talking about because find the view breathtaking. I can open my kitchen window and listen to the waves. I often have my sliding glass doors open while I am sitting on my couch so that I can hear them, too.

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