I Just Got out to California

It took me around a week to get out here, but I did not exactly rush. I stopped to visit my grandmother in Tennessee and one of my cousins in Oklahoma. Of course I spent a day and a half in Crossville TN. It has been years since I have seen her and there is a fair chance that I may not see her again. I really felt bad about leaving so quick and she cried when I got in the car. Today I am looking at apartments for rent in Oceanside CA The places I have been to this morning were both really nice and I would love it if I could afford to live at either of them. At least that is not really possible if you are living on your own. One of them was really nice, but there was not any chance at all that I could afford it without a roommate or two. It is called the Capella at Rancho del Oro and they have all sorts of really nice amenities.

Some of the stuff is not much use to me really, like they have a business center with all sorts of office machines and a conference room. I suspect you have to book it in advance if you need it, but I am not going to really have the need. There is a really great gym though, which is great since it is really a lot better to work out inside when it is dark or when it is overly hot. There is a great pool too, which they advertise as a resort style pool. I guess that means there is a lot of room around it for you to have parties. There were a huge number of people out there when I visited the place.

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