We Plan to Stay in Our Apartment for a Long Time and Do Not Need to Buy a House

When I met wife-to-be, she was living in a home rental in the bad part of town. She has a small child, so it was really frustrating for me to see that. She’s a fabulous lady, and I ended up marrying her. I wanted to look at some luxury apartments in Colton CA for the three of us to live in. I wanted to be able to give her and my new step-son a safe place to live that made them feel good to come home to every night. Both of them lit up when we walked into the place that I ended up renting.

I think it’s fabulous that luxury apartments are really big thing now. People deserve to have beautiful surroundings. For years, many developers put up basic apartment buildings which was fine, but I always wondered why not amp it up a bit and offer the type of amenities that keep your tenants really happy and living in your building for as long as possible? I honestly feel that, with the place that we now have, there really is no reason to go buy a house. We have everything that we need right on our property.

Most houses have limited space. But right on the property where we live, we have a fully stocked gym. It’s normal to only have the ability to put a few machines at best in a cramped, second bedroom in your home. Often, if you want to have a big party, you have to tell everyone to go out into your backyard because there’s not enough room to do that in most average homes. We can fit as many as 100 people in the clubhouse here at our apartment complex. It just makes sense to rent instead. We don’t even need to leave the complex to do some of our favorite things now.

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