Everyone Here is So Friendly

I did not know a thing about Mission Viejo, but I did not let that stop me from accepting a really great job offer there. I knew that I would be able to find a nice place to live, and I wanted it to be centrally located because I wanted to get to know the new town that was going to hopefully be the place where I live for many years to come. One day I want to buy a house there, but I did a search for an apartment for rent in Mission Viejo first because I need to get to know the area before I make a commitment as big as buying a house.

I am single right now, and I knew that I would end up getting married and hopefully having children one day too. I could worry about that stuff later though. For now, I just wanted to find a nice place to live, start my new job, and then worry about finding the woman of my dreams in an area where I did not know a single soul yet. I found an apartment complex that is smack dab in the middle of the area I wanted to focus on, which made it really nice for me.

The apartment is a beauty too. I have lived in apartments for the last ten years, and this truly is the nicest one yet. My favorite part of it is the private balcony that gives me so much privacy yet a gorgeous view as well. I spend a lot of time out there when I am not feeling social, and a lot of good books have been read there as well. Living here in Mission Viejo is a lot easier than I would have imagined too because everyone is just so friendly. That is a nice bonus for me too!

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