Looking for a Place That Made Me Feel Welcome Happened by Accident

The southwestern portion of the country had always intrigued me ever since I went on a family camping trip as a teen. My parents took me and my sister through a tour of 3 different states, and we ended up in New Mexico. Even though we were camping outside the city, they took us into Sante Fe to a lot of the artsy shops there and the really great-tasting restaurants. I loved the place, and I never really forgot about it. Six months ago, I accidentally stumbled on a website showing apartments in santa fe nm and I paused for a bit to look over the site for awhile.

I had known for some time that I was not in love with the city that I had been living in for years. I had traveled all around the state, and each city filled me with hope that it would finally click and I would feel at home. But that never happened. I realized that I would be happier somewhere else, but where? I began reading different websites to learn more about the states nearby, but most of them were cold and snowy, just like mine was. I felt that I wanted to live out the rest of my years in a much warmer state. I began to expand my search, and that’s when I found the New Mexico site.

I felt an instant pull while looking through that site that day. I liked the place when I had visited, and the photos on the site brought back that same feeling. It was then that I decided to fly out and take a look at some of the places in person. It wasn’t hard to find a place that made me feel at home. I flew back home and gave my two-week notice to the place I’d been living in and immediately began packing up my belongings.

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