Sharing an Apartment with My Daughter

When I started looking at apartments for Forest VA, I really had no idea that I was going to find the most perfect place for me. I needed a two bedroom apartment because my daughter was moving there with me. She is 18 and starting college at Liberty this next semester, which is why we wanted a place that is close to the school. I telecommute, so we were okay to live just about anywhere that was within driving distance of the university. The only other problem we had to figure out was how we were going to afford another car since we definitely needed two once she starts class.

That problem was taken out of our hands though when we found the apartment we now live in. They have hourly shuttles to and from the university, which meant that we would not have to scramble to get a second car or work out a workable schedule for the one that we do have. That was a huge influence in our decision to move here, but it was not the only one. We knew that we both had to feel comfortable in the apartment that we were getting.

Even though we are really close, we both also knew that we needed our own space. Our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, and I have set up my desk in the dining room. We usually eat at the island in the kitchen or in front of the TV, and we would even be able to have our meals on the balcony, which we had never done before living here. It just seems like everything had worked itself out perfectly, and we are so happy here. This feels like home to us, and we are enjoying every minute of it now that we are settled in.

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