Traveling and Sightseeing in a Smaller City in Spain

Getting great cab service when you are traveling is hit or miss. You know the cab companies to rely on in your home city, and maybe even know a couple when traveling locally. However, when traveling abroad, how do you figure out even which cabs are safe to take? In the city I live in drivers have to have a medallion to operate a taxi. In London they have specially trained drivers to navigate some of those old narrow streets. They even have to pass a difficult test of routes to take. In Spain, we use MyTaxiAlicante to get around. I like it that they have drivers that speak English. That is a huge thing for me. I am lousy at languages other than my own. I can’t help it. I did not learn anything other than English as a child, and I just can’t grasp other languages as an adult.

I really like it when drivers in the countries I visit can speak the same language as me, and to have a cab company that provides drivers that do gets my vote. Alicante is not a small city. It is a port city in Spain, and we have been there a few times over the years. I like to take a cab with my family to go sightseeing. I would not rely on my own navigational skills to get around in a foreign city. You can rely on good cab drivers to only take you places you would feel comfortable taking your whole family.

Alicante, Spain has almost 330,000 people. It is not as big as the city where I grew up, so it feels more like the suburbs to me. It is not small, but it is not huge either. It is just right for a vacation. Its airport is the fifth busiest one in Spain. We have been to Madrid, but we actually prefer Alicante.

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