A Brief History of Dogs

Why You Should Get a Professional Dog Groomer

Grooming your dog is very important in maintaining its good looks and health. There are professional dog groomers where you can take your dog if you find it quite difficult to do the grooming yourself.

When you try grooming your dog, they sometimes feel uneasy and would move a lot and this is why it is very possible to cause injuries like cutting, scratching, or irritating their skin.

Dog care providers have a ways of doing things similar to medical clinics where they are first thoroughly inspected to detect any ailing problems before grooming them. And when detected, antiseptic solutions are applied to avoid infections and avoid any untoward jolts that may lead to being edgy and repulsive to the grooming.
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Once a month, nails of dogs who are not active should be trimmed. The task of trimming dog nails is dreadful for most pet owners. Perhaps this fear was caused by an experience in trimming the dog’s nails and cut it too short and blood started flowing out of the toes. This consequently prompted your dog to be traumatize by that experience. The apprehension is felt by both you and the dog. A professional dog groomer will be able to make you dog cooperate so that he can trim its nails and he is also able to trim it to the right size.
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Other than the complexities of some breeds that require a grooming know how more often than other breeds, pets have different needs. Long haired dogs need grooming supplies that are quite different from that used for short haired breeds. Professional pet groomers have a lot of experience and if they have been in the business for a long time already they are very much aware of what is the appropriate grooming supplies that will give great results. They can choose the best hair brush for the type of dog and if they already need a haircut.

Your dog can enjoy a massage done by a professional practitioner who knows your pet’s muscle groups, who knows how to de-stress the pet and stimulate the dog’s circulatory system. They can at the same time detect early warning signs of abnormalities such as lumps, skin discoloration, rashes, skin lesions, bald patches, gum discoloration or bleeding, and they might be able to detect early warning signs of illness.

And when it comes to parasites, these cannot easily be detected in dogs until it reaches a point where it can already be seen but your dog has already suffered much from it. It must also be well to remember that there are parasites that are either on your dog’s coat and mites in their ear that may not be visible for you.

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